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Back to school: the good, the bad, and the pretty

I’m always excited for the beginning of a new school year. This year is no different. But I have to say, if the rest of the year continues like yesterday and today, it’s going to be quite a roller coaster … Continue reading

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My someday classroom, step one: bulletin boards

One of the major differences in Hungarian schools (compared to American ones) is that teachers don’t have their own classrooms. There is one big room where all the teachers have their desks and keep their stuff. The students have their … Continue reading

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Civilization school-leaving exam

I wrote before about the system of school-leaving exams in Hungary. As I mentioned there, before going off on a bit of a rant about the problems with the system, students take three required exams (History, Math, and Hungarian) plus … Continue reading

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School-leaving exams in Hungary: Favoritism

One of the very different things in Hungary (compared to the American education system) is the system of school-leaving exams, sometimes called Matura exams, or érettségi vizsga. Students take these exams at the end of their 12th (or 13th) year … Continue reading

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