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Many people know Transylvania only as the home of Dracula. Personally I find the association about as cringe-worthy as “hungry Hungarian” jokes, but that’s just because I’m a snob. Transylvania is one of my favorite places in the world. As far as I … Continue reading

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2014 is going to be my garden year. Two years ago I tried out container gardening, with moderate success. I grew a few handfuls of sugar peas. The radishes in the flower box looked great above, although the actual radish … Continue reading

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The People of CETP

This is something I wrote a few months ago, with the help of a couple other CETPers, current and former. Since this week I’ll be heading up to Budapest to meet the new group of CETPers who are arriving for … Continue reading

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Why I hate being an expat

Just sometimes. 1) You’re caught between. People talk to you about American politics, sports, fashion, literature, as if you were an expert. You are expected to be up-to-date on every bit of news and gossip from both America and Hungary. … Continue reading

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Hungarian language: being formal

The easy part: Hungarian, like so many many many languages that aren’t English, has formal and informal ways of addressing someone. The informal you is te, and verbs conjugate in the second person. The formal you is ön or maga, and … Continue reading

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Pinterest: teaching cultural differences

Oh, Pinterest, is there anything you can’t do? This afternoon I thought about two cultural differences between Hungary and America, based on two Pinterested images. First image, from a pin called Unintentionally Inappropriate Test Responses From Children: I find it funny … Continue reading

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Differences between Hungary and America: the littlest things

Sidebar: several of my colleagues (my Hungarian, British-English speaking colleagues) are positively enchanted with the word “littlest”. It does have its charm, I suppose… Differences between Hungary and America is one of the few topics in which I would consider … Continue reading

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