Fall 2018 Wardrobe: 16 pieces

This post is awkward and poorly written. I am so excited about this current wardrobe project, but I just can’t write it out in the way I want to. Anyway, I’m tired of looking at this post on my dashboard so I’m hitting publish and getting on with the sewing and wearing parts that I like better.

After finishing my 10-piece capsule wardrobe, the next step of my grand amazing Fall 2018 Wardrobe Super Plan was to move up to 16 pieces, using the Vivienne Files’ 4×4 template.


But as much as I appreciate the orderliness of this template, it doesn’t really work for dress-wearing or for wearing lots of layers. So I decided to take a different approach. Borrowing an idea from Colette’s Wardrobe Architect, I thought about what silhouettes I wear. Basically I have three:

fall 2018 wardrobe - 10x16x33

And how often am I willing to rewear my clothes? As I learned during the 10×10: often. Very often. Like, as often as laundry happens. So to comfortably cover a week I need three times each silhouette, or 9 outfits. How many pieces is that?

9 cardigans
6 tops
6 leggings / tights
3 skirts
3 pants
3 dresses

All right, but realistically I’m going to rewear things between washes – again, this is a personal choice, but I’m comfortable rewearing pants, skirts, and leggings a handful of times before washing. Ditto cardigans. On the other hand, I’d prefer to wash tops and dresses after each wash. So that leaves me with:

fall 2018 wardrobe - 10x16x33 (1)

and you can see I already have the makings of a wardrobe. It’s not the 4×4 I thought I would have, but something around 20 pieces. I’ve already got several of them:

fall 2018 wardrobe - 10x16x33 (2)

And there’s my to-sew list sorted for the season as well!

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