Fall 2018 Capsule

Two years ago, greatly inspired by The Vivienne Files, I used her series of posts about building a wardrobe from scratch to make up an imaginary capsule wardrobe for myself, based on the pieces I wear most anyway. Going through the steps was a great way of evaluating what I have, planning how I can wear it, and seeing what is missing.

wardrobe building - black, gray, wine and mustard

I still think this is the single best thing I’ve ever done, sewing-wise. It was amazing how easily my sewing plans came together that fall, and it was a wonderful feeling knowing that instead of sewing random pieces, I was sewing a wardrobe.

wardrobe building - black, gray, wine and mustard (1)

So obviously this year I wanted to do something similar, another capsule wardrobe. But which? There are SO MANY different ideas about capsuling, all with their own pros and cons. Of course The Vivienne Files wardrobe building is great but I want to try something new – maybe using her 4×4 template? The brevity of the 10×10 Wardrobe Challenge is appealing, but how do 10 garments work long-term? Project 333 is another good one but can I use it as a base for my to-sew list?

So which one to pick? ALL OF THEM, obviously. I’m calling it the “10x16x33 Challenge-less Wardrobe” 😁 The plan is:

Step 1) I’m going to start with a 10×10 – I’ll pick out a handful of my favorites, throw in a couple of basic necessity pieces, and see if I can make it 10 days. Or 2 weeks. Or 5 days. Any way it goes it will be useful.

fall 2018 wardrobe - 10x16x33 (2)

Step 2) I’ll expand the 10 pieces into 16, following the Vivienne Files’ template. Most of the 16 will come from my closet, I’m hoping, with just one or two pieces from my sewing list.

fall 2018 wardrobe - 10x16x33 (1)

Step 3) This will be my nod to Project 333 – I’ll continue adding a piece or two per week, either from my closet or freshly sewn, until I reach 33 pieces, or until I reach 3 months, or until I get bored with this whole project. As I add the pieces, I want to make sure they fit in with the existing wardrobe.

fall 2018 wardrobe - 10x16x33

Hopefully the results will be as beautiful and as useful as two years ago. I’m repeating this picture because it still makes me so happy to look at!

wardrobe building - black, gray, wine and mustard

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