Truth in blogging: this started as a “Me Made May: Week 1” post. Then it was a “Me Made May: first half” post. And now it’s going to be one long massive post about the entire month because why not. Anyway, to recap: I decided that during Me Made May this year I would work on creating a useful and enjoyable nursing wardrobe. I spent the first two weeks wearing as many different outfits as I could and analyzing them, based on the following points:

General Comfort – do things fit right, is the fabric comfortable to wear?
Appearance – does it look put together, is it good on my body shape?
Movement – can I move comfortable, carry a stroller up stairs, sit cross-legged on the floor, etc?
Outside – would I wear it outside the house, or just at home?
Nursability –  is it nursing-friendly?

This is my “GAMON” scale – think of it with an exclamation mark, like “Game on! Let’s get this wardrobe started!!” And I used it, or at least parts of it, to analyze my wardrobe every day for the first week. Here’s a couple of examples:


Outfit: Most of the day I was wearing my pajamas / house dress (a majorly-modified Empty Hanger Patterns Arthur Top) but for the few hours I was out I wore a white So Sew Easy Summer Drape Top (a free pattern!) and a striped knit skirt.
Insights: The top is too loose, too floppy, not great for nursing (totally not the pattern’s fault; I’ve made it in other fabrics and it was great). But I like having a white top and the drapey-ness is good. The skirt is great although the knit is thick and just barely cool enough for today (26°)
G: 2/2    A:  2/2    M: 1/2    O: 1/2    N: 1/2
Total score: 7/10


Outfit: White summer cardigan inspired by one that Handmade by Carolyn made; nursing tank top (the one all over Pinterest, where the straps are just loops you hook onto your bra) and black knit home skirt.
Insights: The skirt is great; the tank is great for home but not outside; summer cardigan is lovely as always
G: 2/2    A:  1/2    M: 2/2    O: 1/2    N: 2/2
Total score: 8/10


Outfit: White summer cardigan again because I severely underestimated the outside temps. The dress is my new favorite, a sleeveless Empty Hanger Patterns Tomi Dress – it was super easy to add a center front zip to make it nursing friendly although the top of my zipper is wonky.
Insights: I really like this dress, even if the zip drives me bonkers. Need more in other colors! Because black was too warm really.
G: 1/2    A:  2/2    M: 2/2    O: 2/2    N: 2/2
Total score: 9/10


Outfit: Brand-new striped crossover tank top, first with a flowy floral maxi skirt and later with my black knit home skirt. I think in the second picture I had beauty face turned on?
Insights: Stripes and florals are awesome together. This top is far from perfect; what the heck happened there at the CF with all those wrinkles? But I will work on it because this is a great pattern, one I would like to perfect
G: 1/2    A:  2/2    M: 1/2    O: 1/2    N: 2/2
Total score: 7/10

And while not every outfit needed to be analyzed and pointed and ranked within an inch of its life (read: I got bored of the system midway through the second week), I still came up with a pretty good idea of What I Like To Wear And Why, which in turn led to lists of what I want to rid my wardrobe of, what I want to keep, and (best part!) what I need to sew more of.

What I want to get rid of (probably donate at some point, but for now just pack away):
(1) everything with a non-stretch waistband. Because life’s too short for tight waistbands.
(2) every top that isn’t nursing-friendly.
(3) most of my narrow skirts and dresses. If I’m sitting it’s usually cross-legged so pencil skirts have a limited use. The striped skirt pictured above is going to be pardoned though because I wear it often outside the house.

What I “need” to sew more of (ha ha, like I actually need more clothes. But a handful of new pieces will at least make getting dressed a bit easier when the laundry is piling up):
(1) a new white top to replace the floppy one
(2) a maxi skirt or two
(3) summer dresses
(4) another top or two which coordinates with my usable skirts

So my plans are clear; I’ve already started working on a few things (okay, I have at least 4 projects going on in various stages) and I hope by the end of May to have finished a piece or two!

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