Me Made May 2018

It’s that time again, my favorite time of the sewing year: Zoe of So, Zo… is hosting the ninth year of Me Made May! This will be my 4th year participating – in 2015 (my first year) I resolved to wear one me-made garment every weekday. In 2016 I pledged to wear all me-made outfits on weekdays. Last year I spent May reworking my wardrobe to fit my new body shape and rediscovering my joy in my handmade wardrobe.

This year my plans are not only for May but also for April and, probably, June. I can excuse myself the extra time this year because, guess what, sewing with a newborn is slower than sewing without one. Who woulda thought?

Last year I used Me Made May 2017 to measure out all new blocks for my new (slimmer!) body, sew garments from them, and restock my wardrobe. It was a great success! Then right at the end of May I got pregnant, which obviously brought some changes in my body shape. Now I’m two months postpartum and more or less back to my shape of one year ago, but my wardrobe is lacking enough nursing-friendly clothes to make getting dressed exciting.

So my goal is kinda the same as last year’s, really: rebuild my wardrobe and recapture the fun of getting dressed. A total wardrobe overhaul in April-May-June; my steps will be:

1. Go though Colette’s Wardrobe Architect again to start defining my wardrobe.

2. Use The Vivienne Files’ templates and some stock images to create a wardrobe plan.

3. Use items already in my closet to fill in the plan.

4. Pack away all clothes that don’t fit the plan. Set aside any that can be refashioned into working garments.

5. Make a sewing / shopping plan to fill in the wardrobe with anything missing. Use as much stash as possible.

And then in May itself I’ll give my new wardrobe a test run, wearing it and assessing it. And, gulp, doing the daily-selfie thing as well. So see you in May, in something me-made!

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