Me Made May 2017

Less than a week before Me Made May 2017 kicks off, and I have yet to set out my official resolution! In 2015 (my first year) I resolved to wear one me-made garment every weekday. In 2016 I pledged to wear all me-made outfits on weekdays. At the end of last year I thought I already knew my pledge for 2017; it seemed like the next logical step: all me-made everything, every day of the week. Well. While I appreciate former me’s enthusiasm, my actual goal this year is something more relevant to my current life.

Long story short: health problems, doctors, being told to make some major changes to my diet and lifestyle, and since last fall I’ve dropped at least ten kilograms. Which , sidebar – despite living in Hungary for over a decade and being thoroughly used to using metric in everyday life, sometimes my imperial roots pop up in weird ways. Example: ten kilos seemed like such a tiny number to me, I mean 10? That’s barely even a number! My brain couldn’t reconcile that tiny number with the significant changes I saw when I looked in the mirror. When I finally got around to checking how many pounds that was (22!) things started to make more sense.

Despite losing weight steadily since November, basically I’ve been in denial about it the whole time. I even wrote a post about sewing skirts to fit my new shape. Those skirts were one size smaller than my normal size, and they fit at the beginning of February. But since autumn I’ve lost SIX INCHES off my waist – not something that going one size down is going to help with – so even those skirts are mostly too loose for comfort.

I don’t like change. I’m still getting used to my new body, and I know that I’m healthier and more fit this way, but the change is unsettling. On the other hand, what’s even more unsettling is dreading going to my closet every morning because I know I won’t find anything that fits properly. At the moment I have one skirt that fits me (and only because there are safety pins pulling the waist in) and a handful of dresses. This does not make me excited to get up in the morning and get dressed.

But there’s always a silver lining. I have a pretty wonderful opportunity in front of me: a chance to restart my me-made wardrobe from scratch. How cool is that? How many people get to do that, especially once they’ve been sewing for a few years? So my goal for Me Made May (and April) is a simple one: building up a wardrobe of coordinating pieces suitable for spring, and recovering my enthusiasm for getting dressed in the morning.


  1. putting together a spring capsule wardrobe of a handful each of skirts, dresses, tops, and cardigans (mainly but not entirely me-made)
  2. measuring out a new skirt block and sewing at least one skirt from it
  3. remeasuring/ redrafting my bodice block and knit bodice block
  4. using the blocks to sew new tops and dresses
  5. retailoring a few of my favorite skirts to fit again

There are currently more than 200 people signed up for the challenge, and I’m sure many many more who will play along on Instagram. I’m looking forward to the inspiration of seeing everyone else’s creations!

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