April MAGAM: April Showers, Stash Flowers

The theme for April in the Make a Garment a Month group was “April Showers, Stash Flowers:” using up pieces from your fabric stash, preferably the oldest pieces you have. I don’t really have a stash of fabric, so I figured I was out this month. But since the group is very much about interpreting the monthly themes individually, I came up with my own stash challenge: using the month of April to build my stash of me-made clothes.

Me-Made May is right around the corner, so it was useful for me to stock up on some boring-but-useful basics. I made three cardigans in basic colors (black, cream, and blush) which got their own post. The base of all three is the infinitely useful free Plantain pattern.

april cardigans

cardigans flat

I refashioned a barely-worn polo dress (made last summer) into a much more practical polo top. I liked it so much that I made a second polo-style top from some leftover black jersey.

polo shirts flat

polo shirt on

A black-and-white polka dotty top was something I’d been planning for a while, and seeing the one Lauren of Lladybird made finally pushed me into making my own. I used my self-drafted button-down shirt pattern, cut the neck into a v-shape and replaced the collar with a strip which can be tied into a bow. I couldn’t decide on buttons, so I ended up just sewing up the placket; the fabric is so silky that it slips over my head no problem.

polka dot top

From a remnant of dark gray denim I made a simple skirt. This was one of three skirts I made this month from the same pattern (see the colorful ones below); it’s a copy of one of my favorite RTW skirts, improved by adding pockets. The pattern had been languishing in my pattern file for months because the original skirt, and the first version I made, were cut on the bias, which took a large amount of fabric.  Luckily I realized that I could cut it on grain and squeeze a skirt out of as little as 65 cm of fabric (which is what this remnant happened to be).

black denim skirt

The last of my practical items was a simple shrug based on one from Yoshimi’s blog. She even gives the measurements, so going to buy a meter of fabric was basically the hardest part of this project.


In addition to the boring basics, I also made some lovely colorful items as well. The first was this spectacularly gaudy skirt, the fabric of which was part of my Netherlands haul. I’ve been looking for something as loud as this for a while – it’s like whoever designed this print just threw a bunch of random things on the fabric and called it a day. I love it!

crazy skirt

crazy skirt fabric highlights

Third time’s the charm: after the success of the crazy skirt and the plain gray denim one, I used the same pattern again to make a skirt from a printed canvas fabric I’d been eyeing for a while but couldn’t imagine how to use. Unlike the other two which have exposed zips at the center back, I tried a lapped zip for this one which meant adding a seam at center back. Unfortunately, this destroyed the drape of the center back and it sticks out like a rudder behind me. Does anyone know how I could fix this?

maroon canvas skirt

I used an xxl shirt passed on by a friend and cut it down into a top for me, using the Plantain pattern but keeping the neckline of the original shirt.

pink top

And last but not least, I made this lovely skirt from a free pattern from the Polish website papavero (you have to register, but it’s worth it because there are hundreds of totally free patterns). Wonderful Google translate translated one of the comments as “The bacon pocket is brilliant!” so this skirt will forever be called the Bacon Pocket Skirt for me.

bacon skirt closeup

bacon skirt

So I think I was pretty successful in my month of stocking up. And since Me-Made May is right around the corner, here is my pledge for Me-Made May 2016: I sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’16 and endeavor to wear me-made clothes every day outside the house in May. My secondary goals are to try to wear the less-used items of my wardrobe, and evaluate if they are worth keeping or not; to not buy any new fabric in May but instead focus on finishing projects and fixing up things that need it; to make progress on my Sew ’16 goals; to sew more slowly and mindfully; and to tidy up my sewing area and supplies.

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One Response to April MAGAM: April Showers, Stash Flowers

  1. KaSchu says:

    What a simply wonderful collections of garments. You have done so well. Congratulations!

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