When I showed my wardrobe contest plan to a colleague, one of her first comments was “Pants? But…. you don’t wear pants.” She was kind of right. For years I’ve worn mostly skirts (and, for work, only skirts) because I think they are more comfortable, more versatile, more easy to wear, and of course more easy to sew.


And since I wear pants so rarely, I’ve sewed them rarely – one pair of pajama pants back in college, to be exact. But one of my resolutions for 2016 was to try sewing pants. First I made a pattern, based on a pair of RTW corduroys that I inherited from a friend years ago (Hi, Jamie! Thanks again!!) and have since worn so often that they were quite literally falling apart at the seams. I used the “tape method” to make a pattern of the pants. You can read about that method here on Instructables or here on a private blog. It took some time, mostly because my original pants were very stretched out from years of wear.

For the front fly (the first one I’d ever tried) I looked at two great tutorials, one from Grainline Studio and the other from Closet Case Files’s Ginger Jeans sew-along.



The finished brown corduroys were part of my entry in Pattern Review’s 2016 Wardrobe Contest (if you’re a member of Pattern Review, you can vote on the results from April 3rd to April 9th). Since the competition was all about making pieces which work together, I already have a lot of options for how to wear the new brown pants:


The brown ones are great, but definitely a learning-curve type of garment. My pattern that fit perfectly as a muslin turned out a bit baggy in the corduroy, which had 5% elastic. I also cut too much off the bottom hem, and they are juuust barely long enough. They are extra super comfortable though because instead of a normal, interfaced waistband I used the stretchy corduroy and a bit of elastic at the center back. When I’m wearing them the elastic is stretched out and you don’t see it, but it makes them as comfy as sweatpants.


While I was just starting sewing the brown corduroys, I had a dream about sewing a pair of red ones. Actually, they might have been red twill, but the bright cherry red color was the more important aspect. And for the girl who barely ever wears pants, a bright red pair is clearly a useful wardrobe addition, right?


The pink pockets were also part of the dream.


What the dream didn’t tell me was how on earth I should wear a pair of bright red corduroy pants. I took them along as part of a me-made mini capsule wardrobe on a recent trip and came up with a few possibilities:


The two pairs of pants were my MAGAM (Make A Garment A Month) items for February and March. Freaky February was all about making something that scared you, and Moreish March was about making more of an item. Check and check!

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3 Responses to Pants

  1. klarisabet says:

    For your first ever pair of pants….those brown corduroys are simply amazing. Self drafted, and so perfectly finished. I am seriously, seriously impressed.

  2. stcoemgen says:

    Also impressed by these pants you sewed.

  3. Jamie says:

    Wow! Those look awesome! I have never found another pair of pants that fit quite like those corduroys. It is really neat that you are still able to enjoy them in some form (this time, without the bleach stains)

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