Sew 16 Update

How is everyone doing on their Sew ’16 Challenge? I’ve completed, uh, exactly zero challenges so far. But I’ve made progress on several!

Challenge #1 Newbie – Sew a type of garment you never have before. For me the goal is pants. In particular, recreating a favorite pair of stretch corduroys which are long past their expiration date. This week I made a successful muslin, so the actual pants should be done soon.

pants muslin

Challenge #10 Aliens Out – Get rid of your UFOs. All of them. A big chunk of my unfinished projects is a suitcase full of large and extra-large clothes gifted to me by a friend. Slowly I’m going through them and remaking them.

Claire's refashions

Challenge #7 Share the Love – Sew for someone you never have before. I’m making a shirt for my husband, but that only sort of counts. I’ve made things for him before, but nothing on this level. By the end of the year I’m sure I’ll find some other people to make things for (any volunteers? 🙂 )

Tomi's shirt

Challenge # 18 Piles of Styles – Take one homemade garment and style it as many ways as you can. I’m working on this one in a personally very painful way: daily outfit shots. Me Made May proved to me that fashion photography will never be my thing, but at least the photos are giving me an insight into how I wear my homemade and RTW clothing. 

week of 2016.01.11

week of 2016.01.04

And these challenges aren’t the only things I’ve been working on. One of Pattern Review’s current contests is about making a 10-piece capsule wardrobe; I’m not sure if I’ll join in or not but playing with ideas is certainly fun!

capsule wardrobe, maybe

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7 Responses to Sew 16 Update

  1. Jamie says:

    Were those the corduroys I left with you?

  2. It’s good to have many things going at once with a focus at the same time.

    The challenge is going good for me. hope to have a couple of things completed in the next week or so. Thanks again for this!

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