Gerperga Dress

Handmade Jane’s post today about cold weather sewing was my push to blog up my most recent winter sew: it’s a super comfy Gerperga dress.


The pattern is a free one from my favorite site Papavero (you have to create an account, then you get hundreds of free patterns all standard sizes). The fabric is a cotton / polyester ponte roma, the first ponte roma I’ve ever seen for sale in Szolnok actually. I debated between colors (there was a pretty paprika orange) and went with predictable-but-wearable navy.


Based on the pattern pictures, there looked like there would be some extra fabric around the tummy, which on me seemed like a flattering camouflage. There ended up being a LOT of fabric pooling, so I took a 2″ wedge out of the center front, and I could have taken even more.


IMG_3637 edited

I also added a couple of inches at the hem, and added patch pockets (which I might remove; they don’t really suit the dress). I like it, although if I made it again I would draft the neckline about 2 inches closer to my neck – the neck is a bit wide to be practical on a winter dress. Although a scarf solves that problem!


Edited to add: the twist at the front is one of those things that looks complex but is easy once you’ve seen it. The pattern pieces are well-labeled as to what is the arm hole, neckline, side, middle, etc. Putting it together looks like this:

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10 Responses to Gerperga Dress

  1. stcoemgen says:

    Great dress. And navy was a good choice.

    Looks complex to make, but is it? I guess with the right “know how” it is probably rather simple.

  2. Cass Cusack says:

    I like the pockets I think they take the focus away from the fullness around the tummy. It looks great

  3. Lovely design details in the front of the dress!

  4. Thanks for that pictorial! And that color is very pretty. Awesome job!

  5. Nicola d says:

    I seriously need to know where you go shop in Szolnok for fabric. I’m there a lot with work (well, I will be again once I’m back after maternity leave!) and I’d love to know where the best places are for fabric.

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