The Sew ’16 Challenge

Now that I’ve evaluated the previous year of sewing (or rather, the last 16 months), let’s look ahead to 2016! I have some grand goals for the next year, and I’m inviting everyone to sew along with me:


And what exactly are these 20 challenges? Read on for details:


(1) For me it’s pants. And being the nerdy English teacher I am, it’s both American pants (that is, trousers) and British pants (so, underwear).

(5) I keep seeing those 30-minute skirts on Pinterest. One of these days… Or maybe some more Plantains?


I am so looking forward to (9) and (10). Sewing clutter is still clutter, and I want it gone.


(13) Maybe I’ll finally get around to making a Studio Faro pattern. Or trying something like subtraction cutting.

(14)The Fair Isle sweater wasn’t a random example; I really do want one and I really can’t knit I taught myself to knit a few weeks ago.


(17) Late to the party as usual, I want to try some Alabama Chanin-style sewing

So who wants to join in? Are you up for completing 16 of the challenges in 2016? Which challenge appeals to you most? Tell me in the comments, and see you – and your projects – in 2016!

Feel free to reuse any of the images on your blog, or share them on social media with #sew16in2016

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26 Responses to The Sew ’16 Challenge

  1. I think my wordpress is broken. I can’t see any images!

  2. Jamie says:

    I’m jealous of your planning! There have been a few things I’ve left unfinished for years that I (still) want to finish up–probably a great way to not be writing my dissertation.
    Do you have links to any of the projects? I’m not seeing any of the pictures either.

  3. Very cool! You have thought up some clever ideas. I especially like 1, 5, 6, 8, 11, 12 – but they are all interesting!

  4. This is a really cool, well thought out list. I think my goals for this year were really similar but just phrased differently. In fact, i think I hit all but two of your list… if I go sort out the couple of UFOs I should be right!

    • Emily Handler says:

      Ha ha, you’ve finished the 2016 challenge before 2016 happened! I can’t wait to have a look through your blog and see what you did. Good luck with the UFOs 🙂

  5. OMG – I really need #10!! The Aliens are starting to take over my room!! Sign.Me.Up!

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  7. claire says:

    I have entirely different goals for 2016, mostly involving knitting. But I’m down for the fair aisle, if you want to work on one at the same time. I’m also up for getting rid of UFOs (by actually knitting the other sock), and cleaning out the yarn stash. I’ve decided I’m going on a yarn diet this year– NO NEW YARN (unless it’s free to me). It will be exceptionally difficult, but I spend too much money on yarn when I have tons of the stuff. I think I’ve tripled my stash since moving back home. That’s just plain ridiculous.

    Anyway, good luck with your goals, Em.

  8. I’m definitely in. I just made a list of the ones I’m going to do and set out some goals 🙂

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