June MAGAM: from the stash

A few months ago I joined the MAGAM (Make a Garment a Month) group on facebook. From the name you might possibly be able to guess what the group is about; the additional rule is that the garments should be for yourself, which I find amusing because “magam” actually means “myself” in Hungarian.

The challenge / theme for June was stash-busting; that is, sewing using fabric you’ve collected. My stash is rarely bigger than a half dozen pieces of usable size, but nevertheless I got them out and made a plan:


The main project was the plaid skirt. I bought the fabric back in – well, sometime last winter, when a heavy plaid skirt would have been comfy to wear. I planned just a simple skirt, you know, the kind that would only take an hour to sew. So of course that “easy” project was never finished.

The first thing I finished wasn’t actually for me, nor was it a garment. I made a chalk bag for Tomi (he’s a rock climber; chalk is for a better grip) and the soft gray fabric was what he picked for the inside.



The remaining amount of gray fabric wasn’t really enough for a dress, but the magic of colorblocking came to the rescue:

summer dresses June 2015

For the light blue and brown chiffon, I had visions of a floaty maxi dress. Nothing doing. Maybe it’s the fabric, or maybe it’s my body type, or maybe it’s the style of the dress, but I couldn’t get this one right. It looks like a nightgown. A poorly made nightgown:


So this one got folded up and put back into the stash; luckily the fabric is still in fairly big pieces so I might make something with it later.

Next I finally got around to the plaid skirt. Cutting was fairly easy once I worked out the math:


And matching the stripes worked out after I realized how to pin it (pin it slightly off, so that the push of the walking foot will move it into matching, if that makes sense).


Math and matching aside, it really was a simple project. The seams are zigzagged to finish, hem is folded and stitched, waistband is a strip of fabric folded over, and the whole thing is slightly stretchy so there are no zippers or other closures.


Lastly was the green and black polka dot. It is fabric from a secondhand dress/tunic (which I am wearing over my pajamas in this picture):


which I planned to cut down into a tank top. But the dress was cheap and poorly made (not improved by my taking it apart and playing with it) and the dots are annoyingly askew.


So this one is also going back into the stash until I decide what to do about it.

So from four pieces of fabric, three wins and two fails try-again-later-sometimes. A very typical month, really.

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3 Responses to June MAGAM: from the stash

  1. Diane says:

    You had a very productive month with a lot of nice pieces!

  2. lovenicky says:

    Your sewing mojo has been good this month! I particularly like the colour blocked dress!

  3. Lots of sewing going on in June! Wow! I have a few “try again laters” too!

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