Me Made May: the final week

And a short, successful week at that! Monday being a holiday, I didn’t get dressed for work, so no outfit. Although there’s no Memorial Day in Hungary, there is Pentecost (Pünkösd) and that happened to coincide with Memorial Day this year.

26 May

Tuesday, May 26th – A great success of a day. I managed to wear two me-made items. The skirt is based on this wonderfully extensive pencil skirt tutorial. The button-down shirt was a bit of an experiment (Question: can I actually make a button-down shirt? Hypothesis: sure, why not. Methodology: copying an existing well-fitting shirt, using very cheap fabric. Results: successful!).

I feel silly admitting it, but one of my secret fashion goals is to wear more things tucked in. Today I managed to do so, and the world didn’t explode.

27 May

Wednesday, May 27th – if I look cranky in this photo, it’s not because I’m up extra early to prepare for a fun day of standardized testing. Nor is it just because it’s rainy and chilly outside. Mostly I’m cranky because it was so chilly that I had to dig out a pair of tights, which I thought I had said goodbye to until October. Boo. Anyway, the skirt is me-made and blogged about here. The sweater vest is sooooort of me-made. Well, at least altered by me – it originally had fake arms and a collar attached to it, which I removed. Big change, I know.

I need a green cardigan ...

Thursday, May 28th – That’s not me in that picture. Did you notice? Good catch! The picture above was one of the first “outfit” pictures I ever pinned, and it made me realize how much I wanted a bright green cardigan. And a navy skirt. I made the navy skirt a few weeks ago, and now the cardigan is finished as well:

28 May

The skirt is no pattern, basically just rectangles pleated onto a yoke. I used this free pattern for the cardigan. It was a pretty easy make, although I stressed about the buttonholes a bit. Every tutorial I read about knit buttonholes required special notions and interfacings not available to me without a 3000 mile trip to Jo-Anns. In the end, I asked for help in the Make A Garment A Month group and was given a great tip: printer paper. Genius.

Apparently Jimmy loves this outfit too, because I just realized he’s in almost all the photos I took of it.

28 May - less cropped

28 May again

Lucky he’s gray; he matches everything 🙂

29 May

Friday, May 29th – MY LAST DAY. I considered wearing the same thing I’d worn on the first day. I thought about wearing only things I had made in May (but I didn’t think I could pull off the bright green cardigan two days in a row). I settled on a complete outfit of me-mades: the skirt I made last week, the mustard top made earlier in the month, and the white summer cardigan made in April sometime. The skirt is from my self-drafted pencil skirt block, and the tops are copied from RTW items.

Thoughts for this week – After my lethargy about the whole project last week, it was good to finish on a win. It helped that I read several other bloggers who were getting cranky in week three as well. So I really have one thought to finish with, which is more or less my same feeling after the first week: Woo-hoo, I did it!!

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One Response to Me Made May: the final week

  1. Jó volt végig követni a hónap során, hogy minden nap valami saját készítésűt vettél fel. Egyszer én is szeretnék majd magamnak ruhákat varrni, eddig egy pántos top amit felmutathatok ebben a témában. Legjobban a zöld kardigán – fehér ing – kék szoknya összeállításod tetszett, szerintem nagyon jól állnak neked az élénkebb színek. Sőt! Várom a további ruhavarrással kapcsolatos élménybeszámolóidat. Ez a bejegyzés nagyon tetszett, aranyos a cicád is, aki mindenhez megy, mert szürke. És tényleg! 🙂

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