Me Made May week three: successes and failures

Another week down of the Me Made May challenge. By now, wearing an item of of my own homemade clothing every day is a ho-hum routine.

(Read about week one or week two)

18 May

Monday, May 18 – My gray dress again (a Frankendress pattern made from the bodice of the free Garden Party Dress pattern plus a pencil skirt pattern)

19 May

Tuesday, May 19 – A brand new navy tank top (self-drafted pattern, copied from a well-fitting tank top). The fabric was an XL mens t-shirt from a second hand store. I also made the summer cardigan, and for some reason people always assume I made this skirt as well (I didn’t, it’s also a second hand find).

20 May

Wednesday, May 20 – My sleeveless, shortened version of the “Green Dress” free pattern from papavero. In last weeks post you can see a picture of the back of the dress, which is really the interesting part!

21 May

Thursday, May 21 – A winning combination – my mustard top and navy skirt. The reason I’m standing sideways and have the shirt tucked in so weird is to point out the best part of this skirt: the waistband sits at an angle which is comfortable, but the hem of the skirt is perfectly level. Self-drafting for the win!

22 May

Friday, May 22 – The theme for today’s picture was “animal,” and since I own nothing even remotely close to animal print, I have a real animal. Jimmy’s made a cameo in a few other shots from week one. Also in week one you can find better shots of the tank top (self-drafted) and skirt (self-drafted) I’m wearing here.

This is our afternoon ritual: every day when I come home from work, I stretch out on the bed or sofa for a few minutes and he comes up and lets me stroke him for a while. It’s a perfect little break between work life and home life!

22 May 2

22 May 3

Success and failures this week – I succeeded in another week of wearing at least one item of me-made clothing every work day. Meh. The idea of wearing me-made clothes is starting to lose its shine for me, or maybe it’s just because I failed at so many other things this week. I failed to wear an entirely me-made outfit. I failed to finish any of the numerous unfinished projects laying around. I am failing to make some of the other goals I set for myself in May (making a studio faro pattern; being more varied in my styling).

One more week to go!

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