Me Made May 2015, week two (and a bit of snobbery)


Second week! I lost a tiny bit of enthusiasm, but still going strong. I’m happy that I managed to wear me-made clothes this second week without (too much) repetition of last weeks items.

11 May

Monday, May 11 – I wore the green skirt which I made a few months ago.

12 May

Tuesday, May 12 – My newly finished black-and-white dress. I used this great free pattern (you have to register, but it’s worth it because there are several nice patterns) plus a simpler, shorter skirt. The bodice front, side, and back are all one piece with some interesting darts; look how interesting it is with the striped fabric:

12 May back detail

Like a creepy face!

This was the first version of the dress; my expression tells how not thrilled I was with it:

striped dress with sleeves

The skirt was lop-sided, the snaps which I had struggled to put in were pulling the stripes into waves, and there was just too much stripes happening – I felt like an escaped convict. So I removed the sleeves (I’m more likely to wear it sleeveless), sewed up the snap placket (it’s knit so I can pull it on) and rehemmed very carefully.

13 May

Wednesday, May 13 – A totally me-made outfit. The white summer cardigan is self-drafted, based on one that Handmade by Carolyn made; the black top is this fantastic free pattern from So Sew Easy; the skirt is a variation on my self-drafted pencil skirt (itself made based on this tutorial).

The skirt is a fun story – I had bought this graduated fabric on a whim and couldn’t decided which way it should go. I pinned it into a skirt and took some quick pictures:

three skirts

and posted them on facebook for advice. A surprisingly large number of people gave their opinions, which ended up being nearly a three-way tie. In the end, I went with the sideways version for no reason other than I wanted to try making a skirt from all one piece of fabric (i.e. not cutting the front and back, just one piece with darts to shape).

14 May

Thursday, May 14 – So by Thursday I might have been getting a little tired of these morning photos. This is actually my least-hostile expression from the shots I took. Anyway, my lovely new navy skirt (half-self drafted, half copied from a store-bought skirt) is the me-made thing here.

15 May

Friday, May 15 – Friday, hooray! The polka-dot top and the skirt are both me-made. The theme for this Friday was Something Old, and this skirt is at least 10-12 years old. In my first year of college, my dorm room was so hot that I bought some cheap half-yards of fabric and made three basic skirts. They were all just a tube of fabric with elastic at the top. This was the fourth one I made around the same time; same style (tube with elastic) but with slightly nicer fabric – I remember thinking that it was super expensive when I bought it and asking Mum to pay for it, but what “expensive” meant to my college self ($10 / yard? $12 ???) I don’t know. Actually, I would still consider that expensive fabric now…

The scarf that I’m wearing (slightly hidden by the cat) is not me-made, but it’s the first scarf I ever bought (also about 12 years ago, in college, on my exchange semester in Budapest).

Deep, significant insight for this week – that I’m a terrible pattern snob, and not sorry in the least.

It’s been so interesting seeing all the MeMadeMay posts on flickr and Pinterest, but what was surprising to me was how many are Burda this or New Look that. And so many independent (?) patternmakers: Colette, Tilly and the Buttons, Gerties Book of Better Sewing. Sewaholic, Jalie, Closet Case Files, on and on. But just a handful of self-drafted, and just a couple of free patterns.

My attitude towards patterns is: why on earth would anyone pay for them?? I get it that not everyone is up for drafting their own patterns from scratch, but there are SO MANY free patterns available. Next week, or some time in May, I am going to put together a list of my favorites, and start promoting Me-Made-May Free-Made-May as much as I can 🙂

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