Me Made May 2015, week one (and a half)

I survived my first week! I completed my goal! I had deep, significant insights about my homemade wardrobe! I didn’t panic-sew at all! … well, maybe just a tiny little bit.


Just to rehash, my goal for this first Me Made May was to wear one piece of homemade clothing every work day, and try to have one day of nothing but homemade clothing (excluding undies and shoes – I’m not that dedicated… yet).

1 May

Friday, May 1st – Despite being a national holiday, this was a work day for me. It was graduation, so dressing up in the standard white-and-black. The black tank top is me-made, pieced together from scraps from a dress (which is still unfinished). The pattern is self-drafted (a fancy way of saying I traced around a tank top I liked). The white “summer cardigan” is based on one that Handmade by Carolyn made. It’s perfect for those days that are just a couple degrees too cool for a tank top alone.

I actually had a special, never-before-worn black-and-white dress that I was saving to start May off with a bang, but weather conditions made this outfit more practical. Still, it was a great way to start knowing that my me-made wardrobe is flexible enough to produce two totally different but both elegant outfits.

4 May

4 May closeup

Monday, May 4th – Recently completed mustard top (made from a 400 forint / $1.50 secondhand pillowcase). My own pattern, based off something I saw a student wearing. Basically a simple tank top with an inset of woven strips, and some slight gathering around the inset.

5 May

Tuesday, May 5th – Slightly formal today, because I had to help at the érettségi (school-leaving exams). I made this whole outfit! The white summer cardigan again, and the dress is self-drafted, a true Franken-pattern. I meshed together a bottom based on a self-drafted pencil skirt (itself made based on this extremely detailed tutorial) and a top which is a highly modified version of the Garden Party Dress (a wonderful free pattern!).

6 May

Wednesday, May 6th – All prepared (I’m actually wearing shoes in this picture!) for a day trip with a group of students. We didn’t leave until 10 am, so how should I spend the morning? Rehemming the navy skirt I finished the day before. While repeating to myself, “This doesn’t count as panic sewing, this doesn’t count as panic sewing.”

It doesn’t, really. I could have lived with the skirt (maybe). The problem is, a normal pattern would have your waistband sit perfectly horizontal at your waist. I find it more comfortable to angle it. Long story short, it makes the hemline longer in the front than in the back. I took three inches off the front and my lovely navy skirt was level again. But now an inch too short…

7 May

Thursday, May 7th – Too purple. Too floppy. Too twee. Too something – I switched skirts midday because I just felt uncomfortable. Is it the length, the color, the style?

7 May change

Much better! This burgundy skirt is the result of the self-drafted pencil skirt mentioned above.  I highly recommend it.

The inside of this skirt is actually more lovely than the outside (the first few times I wore it, I made people look at the inside). I used this amazing technique for using the lining (actually underlining) to also finish the inside seams. Pure genius. Why more skirt patterns don’t include this technique I don’t know, because it is both simple and brilliant. I also added a vent for the first time, using a tutorial from the same project as the underling technique above.

8 May

Friday, May 8th – So, navy skirt again. Seeing as how this skirt is my new favorite, let me explain the thought process behind it: I made the mustard top mentioned and shown above → I realized I had very little to wear it with → I searched online for mustard outfits → according to the Internet, you can match mustard with exactly three things: white, black, or navy → I decided I needed more navy in my life → I wondered how it was possible that I have so few blue clothes, blue being my favorite color and all → I decided to make a navy skirt and a navy top → I made a navy skirt. Top to come.

The Me Made May 2015 Flickr group decided to do some theme days on Fridays, and today’s task was to take a picture with your sewing space. So here’s me pretending unconvincingly to be hard at work on an invisible project:

8 May theme

My actual current projects are that brown skirt draped on the back of the chair, and that black-and-white striped pile peeking out from under my elbow. Hopefully next week you’ll see them finished!

Deep, significant insights for this week – it’s hard to get past “I did it! I did it! I did it!” and general big-headedness over my incredible accomplishment of wearing clothes all week. Plus the blinding revelation that I should have more clothes in my favorite color. Well, I suppose the spirit of Me Made May is all about thinking in new ways about your homemade wardrobe, and I certainly did do that.

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