Me Made May: Taking Stock

I’ve been looking forward to this May for a long time – at least six or seven months, which has felt like forever – as my first chance to participate in Me Made May.


Basically, Me Made May is a challenge coordinated by Zoe of So, Zo.. What do you know, where participants sign up to wear their own creations in some way for the month of May. You create your own pledge, so you can take the challenge any way you like. Some people pledge to wear 100% self-created outfits every single day. Some people pledge to wear homemade accessories. Some people pledge to wear a number of handmade things per week. It’s a collaborative project, not a competition, so everyone chooses a challenge that fits their own life.

As for myself, I’ve pledged to wear one handmade or refashioned-by-me item each work day in May. On weekends I barely get out of pajamas, so the pledge wouldn’t really mean anything there. I have another secondary goal of wearing one completely me-made outfit a week, but I’m not sure if that will actually happen or not.

So, today I took stock of what I’ve got in my homemade wardrobe so far and what I could work on before May. The short answer is that I’ve got a lot of skirts and dresses and very few tops. And that hardly any of my clothes match anything else (which makes assembling an entirely me-made outfit a bit dicey).

Me Made May 2015: taking stock

clockwise from bottom left:
• one teal sweatshirt
• 9 skirts, one reversible, a total mix of summer/winter, formal/casual, fits/musthaveshrunkinthewash
• 1 pair of shorts
• 1 unfinished skirt (unfinished = an uncut length of plaid fabric)
• 4 tops (purple, salmon, blue stripes, black stripes) in various states of finished-ness
• 1 black top, finished and wearable but I really should re-hem it
• 1 totally finished and reversible tank top (blue polka dots / green snakey stuff)
• brown button-down shirt
• white summer cardigan
• 6 finished dresses (1 sleeved, the rest sleeveless)
• 1 nearly-finished short sleeve black-and-white striped dress

In short, what I need to do is to finish that dress, then the tops. Plus I would like to make a couple of light-weight, colored cardigans to get me through the spring. I can totally finish all those in the next few weeks. Hooray, hooray, it’s nearly May!

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