2014 is going to be my garden year.

Two years ago I tried out container gardening, with moderate success. I grew a few handfuls of sugar peas. The radishes in the flower box looked great above, although the actual radish looked like a skinny white pencil. Basil and rosemary were grown aplenty, although the cilantro never took off.

Last year I knew we would be gone for a month in the middle of summer, so I didn’t bother with a garden. I did manage to get a second avocado tree started though, and some other houseplants. Most of which are still alive…

But this year. This is the year. I finally managed to convince the in-laws to let me rip up the grass in one corner and put in some veggies and herbs.

Look at that lovely corner. That’s my corner.

A wide angle shot, to take in all the inspiring surroundings. Too bad you can’t see the loud, insistent dog who lives on the other side of that fence. You can see that on the near side of the tap there is already some sort of garden. It’s the type of garden filled with plants who nobody remembers who planted and always insists that someone else should care for. But of course I’m not allowed to touch it; I should rip up the turf in the back corner instead.

Should I be daunted by the fact that it’s nearly mid-March and I haven’t broken ground yet? Oh, no problem, I’m sure…

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