Christmas cards 2013

After a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday at Claire’s, how else but to spend this morning eating leftovers and making Christmas cards?

To make a set of 8 cards, you will need:

4 pieces of A4 (letter-sized) red paper or card stock
6 green squares, cut 3.75″
24 white squares, cut 2.125″
1 brown strip, 1″ wide and 8″ long
2 white strips, 1.5″ wide and 8″ long

Cut each piece of red paper in half, then fold each in half to make a card.

Sew a white strip to either side of the brown strip, then cut into 8 pieces. These will be your trunks.

I made the flying geese using the “four-and-one” or “no waste” method. If you’ve never tried this before, you can find a great tutorial about it here. You’ll end up with 24 geese. Sew them together in sets of three, then sew a trunk to the bottom of each.

As a quilter, my instinct was to try out as many pleasing combination as possible for my trees. Of course, the different combinations don’t matter at all; I’m not planning to send more than one card to anyone, so no one except myself will ever know how many variations there are.

Some geese turned out neater than others. I made sure that the nicer ones got put at the top of the trees!

After you assemble the geese, put your stitch length to something quite big and sew the units to the card. I glued them a tiny bit (one swipe of a glue stick) to keep them in place while sewing.

If you want, bury the threads so they’re not visible on the front. Working on the back, gently pull the bobbin thread. It will make a tiny loop of top thread come through. Pull this little loop with a pin or scissors point until you can pull the whole thing through. Then tie if off and clip the threads.

You could also tie them on the front for a decorative touch.

I think I’ll have one or two extras… if you’re really dying for one, send me your address!

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