Sailboats quilt

Our hallway is finally finished being repainted, and how better to celebrate by putting up a new quilt? As Tomi was heading out on Sunday evening, I was mulling over what to make. “Hm, I dunno; can’t you make something with sailboats?” he suggested.

By the time he came home, these had happened:

The next day, I free pieced some half-square triangles:

And played with layouts:

I put it up for a vote on facebook, and it was pretty much evenly split between the 1st and 2nd options. Hm. I was leaning towards the third myself… or maybe the first? Okay, let it be the first:

Notice that one more little boat appeared. After I had pieced it together, I decided that the boat on the right was too high up, so….

…. out came the seam ripper ….

… and I sewed it all back together. Sure, that looks TOTALLY different, right?

I actually laid the whole thing out and basted it on the kitchen table, masking tape and all. What can I say, I miss quilting! The last time I basted a real quilt was years ago, so I had to take the chance.

Then I started quilting. I originally planned wavy lines, but that looked pretty terrible.

So once again, seam ripper…

… and after smoothing out all the holes in my poor, frayed quilt, I went with straight(ish) lines.

I knew that I wanted to try a piped binding, and since I pinned this tutorial a while ago, now was the time. It came out great! My only problem was joining the binding up, but that’s mostly because it was the nearly-last step and I was hurrying just a tad. No big deal – some extra stitches with the white thread and a brush of blue pen and problem solved!

In my excitement (read: rush) to get the binding on, I forgot to make and add a sleeve to hang the quilt. I knew that I wanted to hang it with fishing line, so I just sewed an extra long loop of line right into the quilt. Sewing with fishing line was a first for me, but it worked out well.

And here is it in its new home in the (still unfinished) hallway. One week start to finish, and while it’s not going to be winning any awards soon, I do think it’s pretty cute!

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One Response to Sailboats quilt

  1. Nagyon, nagyon jó lett ez a quilt! Megérte a fáradtságot a sok-sok javítgatás, a végeredmény tökéletes lett. Tetszik a tűzés és az egész folyamat, az improvizáció, ahogy kialakult a falikép.

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