Green and white sprockets quilt

A quilt is taking shape! It’s actually not going to be quilted at all, but rather a cover for our winter duvet.

It probably took longer to settle on a pattern than it will to actually make the quilt. I spent hours looking through different ideas (most of which ended up here on pinterest). In the end, I settled on the above pattern, which is based on A Few Scraps’ Sprocket quilt.

She started a quilt-along for her version of this quilt a while ago, but I’m not sure what happened with it. Mine is slightly different, mostly because she is hand-piecing hers and I am not. I need to have it finished in time for winter, and I mean this winter 🙂 So I altered the piecing a little to make it easier – instead of the three diamonds making the background corners, mine are made from half-hexagons. And my blocks are a bit bigger than hers – mine are based on a 2″ finished diamond, and I think hers are 1.75″?

For a quilt with such big blocks (16″ – 18.5″ finished) it sure it taking a long time to piece.  I suppose if I worked on it more than twenty minutes at a time it would go faster…

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One Response to Green and white sprockets quilt

  1. Jen says:

    Beautiful. SO SKILLED.

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