Stocking up Saturday

Recently I ordered some zippers from this wonderful etsy shop. Highest praise for them! The zippers are cheap, good quality, and the owner was very helpful and accommodating. I will definitely be ordering from them again.

Coming from India, my precious zippers did take a few weeks to get here, and once they arrived I had to rescue them from the grips of the Hungarian Post Office. For some reason, they thought that a $15.50 order of zippers fell into the category of valuable goods. Plus, they misplaced it temporarily. But other than that…

Also last week I received another great gift: three big trash bags full of fabric 😀 They came via a friend of mine from her mother, who was quite a crafter and sewer before she passed on. I also inherited my trusty blue sewing machine from her, for which I am thankful nearly every day.

And the third thing that happened this week was a sudden increase in sales in my etsy shop. By which I mean that I sold two whole bags in one week. It’s a small business, okay?

So: new fabric, new zippers, and bags selling… plus the feeling that it’s been too long since I finished any good projects successfully. All this can only lead to one thing: A Saturday morning spent assembly-lining some new dog bags:

new dog bags 001 new dog bags 009 new dog bags 006


I might end up keeping one the plaid ones for myself…

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