Busy book pages: shapes and colors

The first page of the busy book is done: shapes and colors.

This was an easy page. First I cut out the shapes: one large rectangle of each color, plus two shapes from that color and a third of the same shape in black:

busy book cutting

Next I sewed down the rectangles and the black shapes. Then I sewed what seemed like zillions of little velcro squares down. Actually it was only 27 (9 x 3): I sewed a square of the hooky side to the back of each colored shape, and a square of grabby side to each colored rectangle and each black shape.

busy book layout

Lastly I hand sewed the two of each color shape together. Being made of two layers gives it a bit of heft, plus you don’t see the ugly stitching where the velcro is attached.

busy book assembly

busy book first pages

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