Busy books

Ever since I first saw them on – guess where! – Pinterest, I’ve been wanting to make some busy books / quiet books. Unfortunately, I’m still at least a few years away from having children old enough to appreciate them… but luckily, I have friends and relatives who are a few years ahead of me and Tomi. I am seriously grateful to them for giving this whole baby-having thing a go and letting us watch it, judge it, learn from it it before we do it ourselves 😀

Plus, I get to make all kinds of fun baby things while I still have the energy for it! The two babies in our lives are Amira, the daughter of two great friends here in Szolnok, who was born last fall, and Lierni, the daughter of Tomi’s other brother, who was born last winter. They got these quilts as birthday presents:

The busy books are going to be first-birthday presents. That’s not too young, right?* Because I don’t think I can wait too much longer with this project. By the way, both quilts were completed MONTHS in advance – the reason the first one is such neutral colors is because I started it before they even knew the gender.

Anyway, I’ll be making the busy books one at a time, and one page at a time, and posting some mini how-tos as I go. Here’s my plan for the first one, which will be for Amira:

  • Cover: her name, I suppose…. not too sure yet
  • pages 1 and 2: matching shapes and matching colors – DONE
  • pages 3 and 4:  a zippered closet for clothes and people to dress
  • page 5: a girl with hair to braid
  • page 6: a shoe to lace and tie
  • pages 7 and 8: a map of a town with a magnetic car to drive around
  • page 9 and 10: counting. Something counting. Still mulling over this one
  • back cover: no ideas yet

*Not only is 1 year not at all too young for a busy book, but I’ve concluded that actually any time after 6 months would be fine, as long as any breakable-and-swallowable pieces are eliminated. This conclusion came after a discussion with my friend Judit, who is a mother of two AMAZING little girls and thus my own personal encyclopedia of all things motherhood, and after spending a day with Amira, who is now 8 months old and has great fine motor skills. Which is a nice way of saying that she loves grabbing and pulling things. So, busy books go!

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2 Responses to Busy books

  1. Jen says:

    You might be thrown money from my direction to make me a quilt!

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