Spider plants

A mini-project from earlier this week: I noticed that one of the spider plants in our school was getting really bushy with babies. So I asked if I could take some of them to replant. Imagine how that conversation went, in Hungarian, since I was didn’t really know the words spider plant, cut, babies (in the botanical sense), replant, nor regrow. Anyway, success:

new spider plant babiesYou can also see my three new little cacti, which I got this week from a colleague. He had a box of them and was offering around the teachers room. He claimed that I should just plonk them in soil, water them once, and ta-da. We’ll see.

And you can see the green onions I’m regrowing. I’m sure you’ve seen that post on pinterest about how easy they are to regrow? The first couple of times I tried it, the bottoms just got moldy or slimy, or didn’t really put up that much new green. But this set seems to be going strong. I’ve cut them back once already, and they’re going up again. I wonder how many times I’ll be able to cut?

Anyway, the spider plants are currently sitting in water, waiting for their roots to grow out a bit. After only two days, you can already see some growth (in the bottom picture).


roots growing after 2 days

And check out this adorable little crocheted vases from ekra’s blog. I would love to make something like this, maybe on a slightly larger scale:

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